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Instar Pest Control LLC- We Hold The Expertise To Create Happy & Healthy Homes With Our Expert Pest, Bug & Termite Eradication Services!

When it comes to pest control, going with Instar Pest Control comes out as a safe bet as we enjoy the repute of being the most credible and experienced pest control specialists and exterminators in the area.

rodents, termites and other harmful pests play havoc on the health of inhabitants and this is why getting rid of them is important and that too with chemicals which will not harm non targeted organisms. We have been doing this for decades and our technicians are good at handpicking safe and effective chemicals that will attack the pests without giving any discomfort to humans and pets around.

We take utmost care to ensure that the client ends up being highly satisfied with the pest control services offered!

Pests Are Bad- For Homes And Businesses Both- Our Residential & Commercial

Pest Control Services Are The Only Solution

Pests not only damage the property but also cause various health issues too, thus it becomes imperative to call in professional pest control services before any serious damage occurs.

We have the resources in place to eradicate all these unwanted guests from the premises, no matter whether home or office, we will tailor-make the pest control program to ensure complete eradication. Not only this we will ensure that these trouble mongers do not come back.

We offer same day pest, termite and rodent control services across the suburbs, you can book an appointment and obtain the quotes!

Why hire us for pest control?

When you hire us for pest control, you can expect complete assistance from a friendly team that provides best services to make the premises pest free.

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To be the best Pest Control & Janitorial Service Provider in the U.A.E

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We wish to continue to earn your business and trust by rendering professional services while following the time-tested traditions of honesty, integrity and hard work that this company was founded on.


Our management is always available to answer all your questions. We are ready to listen to your suggestions and we consider it valuable. If in case any problem arises, our management assures to get it solved right on the spot. To ensure work promptness and efficiency our operation wing conducts frequent inspections to all work sites. In addition to this, our supervisors are always present in the sites with technicians to ensure job completion in the best manner ever. We ask our clients to fill a satisfaction questionnaire to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with our service. All the guidance and preventive measures are clarified to the concerned persons in the site to achieve desirable results. We also conduct periodic training sections for our Technicians and Supervisors to make sure that they are the best in the industry. We assure you our best service and prompt attention at all times and we look forward to hear from you.